About our new site

Why have you made a new website?

Our library system upgrade has made our existing website and search catalogue obsolete. By building a new website separate from the search catalogue we have the chance to add functionality, improve accessibility, and manage the content we provide better moving forward.

Some of the new things we'll be adding over the coming weeks and months include:

  • The ability to search either the catalogue or the website
    • catalogue search will be available following the library system upgrade
    • website search will be available soon
  • Dual language Te Reo and English headings/names for all our pages
  • Improved event listing and searchability

Things aren't in the same place - Where have pages moved to?

While designing the new site we reviewed how our pages were organised and conducted some testing to see how people would use the proposed menu structure. There were a few things we moved around to reflect both changes to how we provide services and the results of our testing.

Page or space movedWhere you'll find it now
ePukapuka and other eResourcesExplore - Digital library
Regular servicesExplore - Services
Suggest a purchase and Interloan requestsYour library - Requests
Toy librariesOur spaces
What's newExplore - New titles

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